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Individual and Family Financial Planning

Our goal is to help you pave a path to financial security and success. At White Pine Wealth Management, we harness the power of Wall Street to give you access to a wide range of investment opportunities and options.

We work with you to craft a highly personalized financial plan with well-defined, long-term goals. From asset allocation to implementation and execution, White Pine Wealth Management provides the necessary, comprehensive analysis to craft a custom financial plan.

Once your financial plan is in place, we monitor and manage it, helping to make sure you stay firmly on track and aligned with your objectives.

Multi-Generational Wealth Transfer

You’ve worked hard to create secure, lasting wealth, but teaching the next generation to preserve it for themselves and prepare for future generations is often overlooked. Successful multi-generational wealth management determines who will inherit your wealth, the tax implications that can often derail effective planning, and addresses underlying philosophies that honor your wishes now and generations from now. White Pine Wealth Management will guide your family through the process and help educate your loved ones about best practices to preserve the legacy you’ve spent a lifetime building.

Divorce Planning

Divorce is a complex and emotional process. When a marriage is ending, money can be the last thing you want to think about. However, timing is crucial when it comes to ensuring that you can take control of your assets. Making the wrong financial choices during a divorce can have negative long-term consequences.

White Pine Wealth Management has a team, including a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®️ (CDFA®️), specializing in pre- and post-divorce financial planning. Our goal is to provide knowledge, understanding, and a comprehensive assessment of all financial aspects of the pending divorce to help empower you to make educated decisions.


  • Quantify assets, both marital and non-marital.

  • Provide information and education regarding all financial assets to help you identify which are most useful for your new financial reality.

  • Establish your current and future financial needs, allowing you to make educated decisions throughout the divorce process.

  • Illustrate multiple financial scenarios to help you identify the best strategy for you and your family’s future.

  • Support you, your attorney, and your tax professional throughout the legal process.

  • Provide ongoing planning, support, and guidance for your long-term financial life to help you start the next chapter of your life with confidence and optimism.

Retirement Income Planning

If you are retired or preparing to retire, there are critical issues and considerations that must be addressed:

  • Will you outlive your money?

  • Will you be able to maintain your lifestyle?

  • Should you roll your 401(k) over, or leave it where it is?

  • How should you structure your pension?

  • What role will social security benefits play?

  • Does your investment strategy change now that you are retired?

  • Do you need to review your beneficiaries and estate plan?

Philanthropic Planning & Endowment

Whether you seek to establish a private foundation or support a charitable cause or organization, we work with you to help you crystalize and achieve your philanthropic goals. Our team helps you establish charitable giving strategies that align with your long-term financial goals and help you maximize the impact of your giving.

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