Why choose a Hightower advisor?

Your well-th is our priority.

White Pine Wealth Management is affiliated with Hightower, one of the largest RIA firms in the country. Our advisors share a belief that comprehensive wealth management is about more than managing money – it’s about helping you create your own story and realize your unique dreams. If you seek advice and guidance from an experienced advisor who is backed by the strength of a supportive community and robust technology and financial solutions, we invite you to get to know Hightower.

When you work with a Hightower advisor at White Pine, you may benefit from:

Financial Principles
A relationship centered on you.

Hightower advisors have something in common - a focus on providing clients with holistic guidance and comprehensive financial planning to help them achieve financial health and their definition of well-th.

Financial Principles
A powerful organization.

Hightower advisors gain access to a range of resources and competitive pricing that can benefit you. They have more time to focus on your business because we help them run theirs.

Financial Principles
A fiduciary approach.

Hightower was founded on the belief that clients’ needs come first, and as our fiduciary duty, we act in the client’s best interest. We’re structured so that our goals and yours are aligned.

Hightower’s advisory firms span the country and may refer to themselves by different names, but they are all powered by Hightower and share a commitment to helping clients on their financial journey to achieve well-th. rebalanced.

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